2017 Triennial Gathering

Plan now to join women from all across the Women of the ELCA at the 9th Triennial Gathering in Minneapolis, MN, July 13-16, 2017.  The theme is “All Anew,” an inspiring week-end for mothers, daughters, sisters and best friends you call sisters.

2017 Triennial Nominations Letter
2017 Triennial Nominations Form
2017 Triennial Funds Application

Our NE MN Synod’s 2017 Triennial Gathering Coordinators are Peg Christianson and Abby Teff. They are excited to spread the Good News about the 2017 Triennial Gathering to all of our church units.

Proceeds from the Silent Auctions held at the conference Spring and Fall Gatherings and our synodical Convention/Gathering are used to help offset expenses for those who attend this wonderful event.  Plan now to start your own fund raisers to further support those women from your church unit who will be traveling with us to Minneapolis.


Triennial Women 2017